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Look for New UCLA Neurosurgery 101 Lecture series on Neurosurgery and Clinical Neuroscience starting 2024 from experts. 

Search for "Developing Neurosurgery in LMIC" series from Baghdad, Iraq with Search feature or by looking at programs on Home page. Also find  YNSS  programs; Hoz Mentorship; Iraq National and International Meetings.LMIC:   How it can be done.  Baghdad Meetings.

Jorge Lazareff, MD series on Forming New ideas and communicating them to others.   

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Sample "Let's Talk" , an intergenerational, interactive 1- hour 'Discussion Only' meeting on prominent , Controversial medical social challenges of today and tomorrow, Originated by "Glasgow Neuro" for YNSS.  

"Glasgow Neuro" Sample Research papers from Students in Glasgow and Baghdad with unique constructive comments by invited experts on the meeting content.

Spine Surgery Controversies ; Nancy Epstein director