Video Abstracts after acceptance will be listed on PubMed.
How to submit a Video or content for SNI Digital® - Your content submission steps: 
Content may include Videos of Case Reports, Case series, Research Reports,
Literature review, Editorial Comment, Surgical Video, Lecture, Lecture series,
Presentation of unique scientific observation or idea…or other ideas.
All Video reports should follow the usual format of:
  • Summary Abstract;
  • Introduction and statement of question to be answered;
  • Methods used in answering the question;
  • Results of experiment/project-answers to the question; 
  • Discussion of other work relating to the subject of this our presentation; 
  • Significance of your report;
  • Conclusions 
Your video report must follow a fact-based reasonable approach to solving the question. References will be needed for the user to access and to be included as part of the presentation. Key reference(s) designation will be necessary for user to use. Copies of Key Papers should be sent with each submission.
Short Presentations covering the essential points of your work, are what people want to see and hear. If you meet someone in the hall and they ask about your work, you tell them what you are doing in a few minutes without slides. Tell them what they want to know. That is what SNI Digital® wants. Short, Simple, Informative information. 
SNI Digital® is interested in publishing Short 15 -minute Summaries of meetings held around the world as videos. This feature will provide our user audience with opportunities to see and hear the new advances everywhere without leaving home.
Contact  with your interest in this feature for your meeting or organization or to submit your Video presentation. 
Authors fees will be up to $400 per submission based on length. Fees will be waived on request to the Editor.
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