What every doctor should know about Covid-19; Russell Blaylock, MD; Total 2 hour Interview

This is the full length 2-hour, uninterrupted SNI Digital® "Investigative Report" into the Covid-19 infection in an interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock. It covers the biology and low lethality of the man-made Covid-19  coronavirus. It reports the diseases caused by the mRNA "pseudo vaccine" which was rapidly produced, widely distributed, and mandated for use in response to 'the disease'. Learn the facts about the initial cover-up of this story. Learn about the limited research investigations behind the rapid release of the pseudo vaccines to the public, the weak scientific justification for the prevention measures, and their widespread social and economic consequences. Understand the long-term consequences of the limited pre-release research testing of these pseudo-vaccines and the false justification for the mandated  use of  this "pseudo-vaccine", which are all now being reported. Why were other early treatments intentionally suppressed? Why was the truth about these man-made diseases covered up, by whom, and for what purpose? What are the scientific facts behind the wide spread requirements for masks, social distancing, and isolation at home? Why were the case rates exaggerated by the PCR testing, which has been shown to have no real clinical value of a disease that is present. What long term complications are now being seen related to the mRNA pseudo-vaccine, which is incorporated into the cellular metabolism and DNA, leading to the continuous manufacture of "Spike proteins" for the foreseeable future in humans? What are the treatments for the diseases produced? The factual answers to these questions are answered in this video and thoroughly documented by references from the literature mentioned at the end of this report. Additionally, hundreds of other scientific references are available from SNI Digital® on request. Why do physicians and the public know so little about these facts?

This is a story of the desire of a segment of the population for Money and Power to establish Central Control over Individual Liberty, fought between different classes of the population. It is a story which has occurred repeatedly in past centuries in multiple civilizations throughout the history of mankind. (read: "The Lessons of History" -Chapter 10  Government and History.  Will and Ariel  Durant; Simon and Schuster; available at amazon.com or other booksellers). 

We hope you enjoy this report. SNI Digital investigates the facts; you decide.


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Moderator / Speaker
  • James I. Ausman, MD, MA, PhD

    CEO SNI and SNI Digital; Emeritus Professor Neurosurgery

James I. and Carolyn R. Educational Foundation

  • Russell Blaylock, MD

    CEO, Theoretical Neuroscience Research

Biochemistry of Human Health and Disease; Editor Blaylock Wellness Report; Associate Editor in Chief...