Neuroscience Leader; Timothy Cloughesy, MD; Neuro-oncologist; Vorasidenib

SUMMARY: An interview with Dr. Timothy Cloughesy, UCLA Head of Neuro-oncology on the successful molecular treatment advances of Low Grade Gliomas; A discussion of which molecular targets are blocked to achieve excellent results using a new agent; Also discussed is an extension of this approach to Craniopharyngeoma treatment with other molecular blockers.  Discussion of treatment options from HIC to LMIC. Molecular Rx not commercially available;  Waiting, Surgery; Radiation Therapy, are all open to use world wide.  Excellent present and future discussion; practical information for all locations globally.


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Moderator / Speaker
  • James I. Ausman, MD, MA, PhD

    CEO SNI and SNI Digital; Emeritus Professor Neurosurgery

James I. and Carolyn R. Educational Foundation

  • Timothy Cloughesy, MD

    Professor Neurology; Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Director Neuro-oncology Program; UCLA Medical Center

Seyed Ali Khonsary, MD

Neurosurgeon with International training, research and servi...