Achieving Healthful Longevity: Dr. Russell Blaylock; Pre-operative metabolic state of the patient; Part 1

SUMMARY: Dr. Russell Blaylock discusses the metabolic condition of the patient pre-operatively, during the surgery and post-operatively. 50-90 % of the patients before surgery are nutritionally deficient in essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Co-factors as necessary components of the millions of biochemical reactions in the cells of the body to overcome the metabolic challenges of surgery, which is similar to that of a patient with 30% burns. The preoperative patient may be on the edge of metabolic homeostasis but is not prepared to biochemically to withstand the challenge of the surgical trauma. Similarly the immune systems are compromised even pre-operatively in evaluations of pre-operative patients assumed to be normal. The intense metabolic demands of the surgery and in the post-operative state are unable to be met without compromising the large number of biochemical reactions the patient encounters with surgical trauma. These defects compromise the patient's recovery, most often ignored by and unknown to most physicians. The aging patient is further compromised as they are more deficient in the enzymes required to carry out these biochemical reactions and require more supplementation to overcome these metabolic changes. Millions of cells are mobilized during and after surgery creating a huge dietary demand to support the healing responses and metabolic repair processes.  Sugar water is insufficient to meet these needs without catabolizing other organ systems in the body leading to post complications. A patient's water soluble vitamins are all gone from the body 24 hours after surgery, making this metabolic crisis worse. Biochemical reactions are constantly producing  hyperactive molecules (Free Radicals) which represent a danger to other biochemical reactions. With surgery and metabolic stress many more free radicals are produced and require anti-oxidants which neutralize this hyperactive state. Thus, there is a need in these patients for antioxidants, in addition,  pre- and pos-operatively. He ends with a list of recommended vitamins, anti oxidants, and supplements.

 Part 1 of this 2 part series reviews the essential nutrients to help off-set these major challenges to the body. Part 2 discusses the metabolic challenges during surgery and after surgery which need to be understood to improve outcomes of surgical patients. (Part 1,  37 minutes with discussion) 


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Moderator / Speaker
  • James I. Ausman, MD, MA, PhD

    CEO SNI and SNI Digital; Emeritus Professor Neurosurgery

James I. and Carolyn R. Educational Foundation

  • Russell Blaylock, MD

    CEO, Theoretical Neuroscience Research

Biochemistry of Human Health and Disease; Editor Blaylock Wellness Report; Associate Editor in Chief...