Controversies in Spine Surgery;Central Cord Syndrome Management; Dr. Nancy Epstein

SUMMARY: Nancy Epstein, MD, Editor of SNI and Spine Expert, discusses another controversy in the management of Spine and Spinal Cord Disease. She reviews the literature on the management of Central Cord Syndrome (CSS). Emergency Surgery in less than 24 hrs since the accident is superior to non-surgical treatment later. She discusses next steps the surgeon must take: Immediate OR, spinal cord monitoring signals; fiberoptic intubation, prone and neutral neck position; midline incision 2 levels above and below lesion; removal of the lamina using a drill laterally, removal of lamina segment by segment. arguments for and against opening the dura, dural grafts, laminoplasty?, intra-operative steroids, post op care; long term results, anterior surgery and more. Lecture and summary is a very complete review of this topic. 20 minute lecture 35 min Questions and Discussion.  (JIA)


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Moderator / Speaker
  • James I. Ausman, MD, MA, PhD

    CEO SNI and SNI Digital; Emeritus Professor Neurosurgery

James I. and Carolyn R. Educational Foundation

  • Nancy Epstein, MD

    Chief, Neurosurgical Spine and Education, Winthrop Univesrit...

Neurosurgeon, Spine Neurosurgery, Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, State Univ...