Posterior Approaches Cervical Spine;

SUMMARY: This is the first South American Neurosurgery Grand Rounds with SNI Digital® organized by Andres Cervio, Head of Neurosurgery at FLENI in Buenos Aires. This is an Interactive discussion of many aspects of the Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Cervical Lamino-Foraminotomy for posterior lateral cervical spine disc or spur. Nancy Epstein was the invited speaker and commentator. Many tips in the management of the patients are presented with the neurosurgeons from FlENI  and Dr. Epstein with an excellent operative video and discussion of all aspects of the surgery and patient selection and post-operative course.  There are other videos of the excellent work done at FLENI by neurosurgeons  presented in Videos on Rasmussen's Encephalopathy, Posterior Mesiale Temporal Occipital AVM removal, and Brain Stem biopsy. ( Put these words in Search to find)  (JIA)


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Moderator / Speaker
  • James I. Ausman, MD, MA, PhD

    CEO SNI and SNI Digital; Emeritus Professor Neurosurgery

James I. and Carolyn R. Educational Foundation

  • Andres Cervio, MD

    Head Neurosurgery; FLENI

  • Nancy Epstein, MD

    Chief, Neurosurgical Spine and Education, Winthrop Univesrit...

Neurosurgeon, Spine Neurosurgery, Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery, School of Medicine, State Univ...