22nd Baghdad Meeting; Drs.Laplace; Sosa,& Cervio; Argentina; Brain Stem tumors

Summary: Drs. Laplace, Sosa, and Cervio describe their experience in brain stem tumors. Since more is becoming known about the molecular basis of these tumors, it is necessary to perform a biopsy to determine the type so that present and future molecular treatments can be used. They describe their technique of performing a brain stem biopsy using the sub- temporal route. Intra-operative monitoring is used. Multiple samples are taken with no post operative complications using available instrumentation. In their pediatric center they see about 2-3 cases a year.  The technique is described in detail. (In our experience with brainstem surgery, we used modified spinal needles attached to a metal suction base (Aesculap had one or it can be home made) for more controlled suction in the brainstem tissues. The Malis irrigating bipolar with 1-2 mm tips were used for bipolar pinpoint coagulation.)  If the lesion is in the midline on the floor of the 4th ventricle the surgeons used a posterior approach.  (JIA)


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Moderator / Speaker
  • Andres Cervio, MD

    Head Neurosurgery; FLENI

  • L
  • Lucila Donenq Laplace, MD

    Neurosurgery Resident

  • Jorge Lazareff, MD

    Emeritus Professor , UCLA Neurosurgery Los Angeles , USA; ...

Pediatric Neurosurgery, Specialty International education, Cranio-facial Disorders, Pediatric Neuro-...

  • F
  • Fidel Sosa, MD

    Neurosurgeon, Pediatric Neurosurgeon