UCLA 101 Neurosurgery Lecture Series; Ulrich Batzdorf, MD “Tethered Cord Syndrome”

Dr. Batzdorf is a world expert in neurological spine and spinal cord surgery. He discusses his approach to the "Tethered Cord Syndrome" which he renames the "Tight Filum Syndrome or the "Cord Traction Syndrome" from his clinical experience. He reviews the anatomy of the conus and filum, the clinical presentations with other extrementy deformities, skin lesions, and neurological and urological presentations. Sensory  deficits including pain in 81%, the pathology of lesions causing this syndrome are discussed.The pathophysiology which provides evidence of conus ischemia to cause the neurological deficits. He reviews the imaging characteristics and the surgical management options.  Surgery is done with electrical monitoring of cord function; Recurrence is discussed with suggestions for prevention. A review of the experience at UCLA Neurosurgery is presented. The 30 minute lecture is followed by a 10 minute Discussion period. An outstanding complete review of all aspects of this clinical problem.  (JIA)


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Moderator / Speaker
  • Ulrich Batzdorf, MD

    Professor of Spinal Surgery; Department of Neurosurgery

David Geffen School of Medicine; UCLA Medical Center